Welcome to ruttkow.ski

by Alex

Posted on 29 Aug 2023

I love to teach about technology and tech products. But not in the common way of unboxing, reviewing and just re-iterating the specs. I really want to show how to use tech products and technology. To really benefit from it.

Because I feel most of todays tech is used at a too shallow level. People are either not aware or not interested enough to dive deep and develop a deeper understanding of what the everyday tools they are using are really capable of. I feel it is important to give a platform to give some concrete tactics on how to use tech to your advantage. Especially for creatives like myself. The sheer amout of excuses and things that keeps us from doing what we love is so overwhelming, why not use the tools at our disposal to be more creative and acutally help us instead of slowing us down?

So that’s my mission, to help people understand and use tech through concrete examples and interesting topics.