A creatives manifesto

Up to this day, one of my most vivid childhood memories is from a school trip. Looking back, it was an awakening. Not being able to share the wonder of the moment was one of the most devastating feelings I have ever felt.

I never wanted to feel that way again. And this triggered my passion to capture moments to share with others.

After I joined a band as a drummer, I thought I’d finally found a place to realize my visual ambitions. Whether by designing the band’s homepage or a logo, editing pictures or shooting short videos, my band gave me a first perfect outlet.

But this still wasn't enough. If we wanted live footage or photos, we needed to hire someone else and I had to painstakingly explain the vision I had in my mind. After the band broke up in 2016, I completely lost interest in performing. But slowly I revived my passion for producing creative visuals.

Now, whether I use my passion for drawing to storyboard YouTube Videos for my channel or meet fantastic new bands while taking concert photos of them - I now have found my own expressive outlet, a personal vocation if you will, allowing me to be creative every day.

Specialization is for insects

I have a never-ending interest in myriad creative endeavours. The idea of knowing ‘enough to be dangerous’ has always resonated with me.

And while some argue that you need to become a specialist in one field, I am more attracted to staying open and free, in fact, in avoiding becoming a specialist. There's just so much benefit if you have the audacity to not only think outside of the box but to know other boxes as well, or indeed to dispense with the box concept altogether.

This allows me the freedom to gather different inspirations and to fuse them into something personal, individual and pure. Perhaps it is akin to writing songs – many muses and influences may be allowed to come into view.

The creative process is everything
(equipment is overrated)

Creating a comprehensive and coherent visual concept is my biggest passion. I love to strategize and work out ways to generate a cohesive image, a color palette and ultimately a visual style with a strong recognition factor.

To achieve this end, I take photos, shoot videos, draw, paint, write, illustrate, design, code - pretty much everything you can perceive with your eyes. Sometimes I like to mix everything together.

Sometimes I use contra-intuitive genres and pieces. I tend to work in loops, iterating through different passions until whatever came to my mind becomes complete or else irrelevant. And then I move on with the next seed or spark.

Currently I'm focused on photography, especially live concerts and creating videos.

If I have made you curious, feel free to check out my current work, shared across all of the internet.


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Alex Ruttkowski
Dieter-Hildebrandt-Str. 24
81737 München