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Generating and tracking workouts with Obsidian

Posted on 03 Nov 2023

Welcome to my poor attempt to document and explain my approach on how to use Obsidian an some plugins to help me stay more active and on track with my physical training.

eBook or physical version?

Posted on 10 Sep 2023

If you’re like me, you know the struggle. After I’ve set sight on a new book for my library and hovering over the “buy” button I struggle to decide if I should get the physical or the digital / eBook variant of a book. Since I don’t want to waste any more time and energy thinking and deciding I came up with a few markers to check and help me decide.

Welcome to

Posted on 29 Aug 2023

I love to teach about technology and tech products. But not in the common way of unboxing, reviewing and just re-iterating the specs. I really want to show how to use tech products and technology. To really benefit from it.

10 ideas for Bitpanda

Posted on 31 Jan 2022

After reading “Skip the Line” by James Altucher I’ve tried out some of his techniques and one stuck with me (although I don‘t practice it that regularly).

It‘s to write down a list of 10 ideas on any given topic in order to train your creative muscle. I keep most of them to myself but some lists I chose to share – who knows who might read them. So without any further ado, I present you my 10 ideas for BitPanda.

The future of crypto

Posted on 09 Jan 2022

Crypto currencies don’t deserve to be called a investment. There — I said it.

I’m sick of looking at charts, reading about median levels and „when moon“-tweets. I think cryptocurrencies are not worthy of being called an serious investment. At least not yet. From governments banning technolgies to quantum computing being able to crack immutability in a matter of seconds — there are a lot of factors in play which can destroy the entire ecosystem and every project in it with a fingersnap.

And because all of those factors as well as not too much adoption there’s a high volatility resulting in a high risk.

Investing — at least in my jargon — means having some sort of reliability or predictability. But the sheer amount and variety of risks is too high for me to go all in and view cryptocurrencies as a serious form of investement.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely many winners who took the risk, put money on the table and made a profit.

But it was a gamble after all. And for everyone trying to predict the market while drawing a fu*king dinosaur on top of chart lines..